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About Uniqacare

Uniqacare is a clinic working with the best physicians and surgeons in Turkey. We offer an all-inclusive service concept that covers all needs of our patient’s including free medical consultation, free transfer, free translator, accommodation, and visa support services.

You can get a free online consultation from the best physicians and surgeons in Turkey by just sending your medical reports to us. 

Get a free online consultation

Mission and Values

Uniqacare is inspiring hope and promoting health accross the world by making the healthcare system available for anyone.

Patient confidentiality, rights, responsibilities and privacy

Uniqacare is committed to protecting patient confidentiality and rights.

  • Confidentiality at Uniqacare

  • Patient rights, responsibilities and privacy

Quality at Uniqacare

Quality at Uniqacare involves the totality of a patient's experience, starting from the first phone call to the last appointment. Uniqacare patients seek excellence in care, medical knowledge, experience and technology.

Questions about appointments?

You'll find answers to questions about the appointments process, scheduling, referrals and more.

See Frequently Asked Questions here.

Read Uniqacare Stories

Sharing Uniqacare is a place for patients, families and Uniqacare staff to share their experiences. You might find inspiration in their triumphs and powerful stories.

Read Uniqacare stories

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