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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the appointment process, scheduling, referrals and more below.

What should I do to draft my treatment plan and calculate the cost?

By using the Uniqacare appointment form, send your medical history and reports along with your contact information to us. Uniqacare team will get back to you with the best treatment plan and the estimated cost as soon as possible.

Are we going to pay you a fee for the services you provided?

No, you will not pay us any fee. Uniqacare services are completely free. You will only pay for your flight and accommodation and your treatment that you will receive in the hospital.

If I need a visa to Turkey, is Uniqacare going to help me?

Yes. Our expert team at Uniqacare will help you to get the visa you need in the fastest and most effective way.

This will be my first visit to Turkey. I may struggle and need help to arrange my accomodation, daily needs, transportation and such during my visit there. Do you offer support for these matters?

Yes, Uniqacare will be with you every step of the way during your visit in Turkey by arranging your accommodation, support for your daily needs, organising your transportation.

When I come there for treatment, I would like my diagnosis to be verified because I have doubts about my test results.

When you arrive here for treatment, you will receive a medical examination, and then your medical reports will be examined once again by our expert doctors. After your complaints about your condition are noted, our doctors will require new tests to confirm your diagnosis. Afterwards, you will receive your treatment.

Questions about appointments?

You'll find answers to questions about the appointments process, scheduling, referrals and more.

See Frequently Asked Questions here.

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