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How To Plan Your Medical Travel To Turkey?

Thanks to its speedy rise, medical tourism is now a practice almost everyone knows something about. But is it all about hair transplant procedures, lip fillers and a new set of teeth? Despite its famous reputation for aesthetic purposes, to some people, it is a life threatening necessity. This may be a 9-month-old baby born with a congenital heart disease or someone with kidney failure who has to go through dialysis two or three days a week. Permanent and serious conditions like these drive patients to search for solutions in medically advanced and cost-effective countries like Turkey. 

But how could someone go to a destination miles away from his home to have a serious procedure such as these? It is not easy to plan a simple travel trip in a foreign country, let alone a hospital visit? 

The answer is to look for a good Medical Tourism Agency with a wide and elite network of expert doctors and hospitals. 

Here's a general overview of how medical tourism works:

Research and Planning:

The first step is to research and gather information about the medical procedure or treatment you require. This includes understanding the available options, costs, success rates, and the reputation of healthcare providers in your destination country. Uniqacare, as an experienced medical tourism agency with an elite network of doctors and hospitals across the country will offer you free guidance on these matters.

Choosing a Destination:

Based on your research, you will select a destination country that offers the desired medical treatment or procedure. Consider factors such as the quality of healthcare, expertise of medical professionals, safety standards, and the overall reputation of the healthcare system in that country. Thanks to the substantial medical tourism businesses, Turkey offers experienced care to all foreign patients. With the highly advanced hospitals and expert team of doctors, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for medical tourism purposes.

Selecting a Healthcare Provider:

Once you have chosen a destination, you will need to select a specific healthcare provider or hospital. After assessing your medical history and your medical reports related to your condition with its elite network of expert doctors and modern hospitals, Uniqacare will provide you a free online consultation you require from the doctor or doctors before your arrival in Turkey.

Consultation and Planning:

Uniqacare will arrange your online video consultation with the doctor/doctors who already assessed your existing medical reports and test results to understand your condition and the treatment you require thoroughly and come up with the best treatment plan for your condition. Uniqacare will not take any payment at this point. Any payment related to your treatment will be paid to the hospital by you when you arrived in Turkey and after your treatment began.

Travel and Accommodation:

Once the treatment plan is established, you will need to make travel arrangements to Turkey. This includes booking flights, arranging accommodation near the healthcare facility, and obtaining any necessary travel visas or documentation. Uniqacare will handle all of the above mentioned arrangements for you including your visa. Because we are a well-established medical tourism agency, our patient’s visa appointments and approval takes priority. We will also offer the best accommodation options based on your budget. In addition to these, we will provide your transfer from the airport to the hospital or to your arranged accommodation near the hospital for free.

Medical Procedure and Recovery:

Upon arrival, you will undergo the medical procedure or treatment as planned. The healthcare provider will ensure that you receive the necessary care and support throughout the process under our constant supervision. Uniqacare will be with you at every step of your treatment and during your entire stay in Turkey. After the procedure, there will be a recovery period, during which you may need to stay in the destination country until you are deemed fit to travel back home. When you are fully recovered and ready to go back to home, we will arrange your flight, your transfer to the airport for free as well.

Post-Treatment Follow-up:

Once you return to your home country, you will continue to receive follow-up care from your local healthcare provider. This includes monitoring your recovery, adjusting medications if necessary, and ensuring the long-term success of the treatment. Uniqacare will continue providing help if you need during your post-treatment follow-up period as well.

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